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Wuhan Hongyue Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Add: 186 Longwangju, Xingang Gulong Industrial Park, Wuhan City, Hubei, China
Tel: +86-27-61870688
Fax: +86-27-61872088

Shared vision: the pursuit of excellence

Our mission: produce chemical equipment required by customers by exquisite technology

Education: focused on production center, and production priority, a pair of responsibilities.

Enterprise spirit: learning, hardworking, progress, innovation.

Enterprise style: quick response, keep improving.

Management philosophy: systematic thinking, systematic management.

Innovation philosophy: negative, improvement, innovation, leading edge

Enterprise value: responsibility, honor, safety

Talent philosophy: to motivate employee to backbone of the company, and backbone to expert

Working environment: solidarity, advance, endeavor, progress

Safety philosophy: to maintain production and living safety by "'heart"


Ethical standard


Professional ethics:

Honestry and trustworthiness.

Observe disciplines and obey laws.

Observe the rules and regulations.

Diligent and dedicated.

Performance of a duty.

High-quality and high-efficient.

Loyal to the enterprise.

Solidarity and cooperation.

Factualism and innovation.

Dedication and progress.

Mutual respect.

Proper courtesy.

Common development.

People oriented.

Justice and equity.

Have integrity and be public-spirited.



Core value

(I)Statement: to create benefit for shareholders; to shoulder the social responsibility; to bring happiness to the public.

(II)Interpretation: the above core value is inevitable requirement of ''harmonious society' idea and 'people-oriented' philosophy.

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